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Probably no other market offers a range of products that is so overwhelming – the market for sex toys. Where before they were only available in specialist shops or via mail order catalogs, the Internet age has made ordering all sorts of interesting things to do with sex toys simple and straightforward. The obvious benefit is that consumers have a wide range of options at their disposal, are not dependent on shop opening times or location, and ordering, paying for and obtaining items is discreet and anonymous. This last point is still an important issue for many people. There are, however, also disadvantages to ordering sex toys over the Internet: Customers have to rely on the descriptions posted on websites and do not have the opportunity to actually get their hands on the products they are interested in. Some online shops are quite sparing in their provision of decent, meaningful product descriptions. Getting advice from a salesperson is of course not possible. Finally, it should be mentioned that product quality is often disappointing as well. That is why it makes perfect sense for sex toys to undergo comprehensive product testing so that the wheat can be separated from the chaff.

Why is product testing and reviewing necessary?

Just like any other product, a sex toy is an item that is designed to fulfill a certain function. Moreover, in an area dedicated to enjoyment, relaxation and love. Poor product quality not only spoils the enjoyment of the product, it can also sometimes completely ruin the evening or even be dangerous. With sex toys, in addition to testing that products are safe, free from harmful substances, ergonomic and easy to handle, they are also evaluated in terms of design, user-friendliness and fitness for purpose.

Especially important: freedom from harmful substances!

By their nature sex toys come into contact with skin and mucous membranes. So it is even more important that the product not only fulfills its function but also that it complies with the maximum allowable levels of toxic substances. More than one test has shown that using an anatomically perfect dildo made of silicon with the tantalizing aroma of red grapes led to massive mucous membrane irritation or that PVC products were found to contain levels of plasticizers that were off the charts.

Quality – the magic word

Here too sex toys must convince during testing. Poor product quality not only lowers the practical use and thereby the enjoyment of the toy, it can also pose a health risk. Poorly moulded plastic parts, cheap materials or simply poor workmanship of components are an absolute no-go in this area. As has already been stated: human skin is involved here, so there can be no excuses when it comes to product quality!

Nice on the outside, nasty on the inside

Some of the sex toys that are advertised so alluringly on the Internet are not only disappointing in terms of their functionality, they also fail to comply with strict health guidelines. Which then begs the question what one is paying for, since even the cheapest product is too expensive if it is simply not worth the money spent on it. For some black sheep the sex market is simply a playground where they sense they can make a quick buck. Cheap imports from the Far East are sold at huge margins to consumers who end up being saddled with a very expensive but ultimately substandard product.

The test – the procedure

Like any other product, sex toys are carefully scrutinized by experienced testers. They look at the packaging, the supplied accessories, through to the design and processing and finally there is an evaluation of the handling and usability. Every aspect plays a part in the overall assessment at the end. In addition to an olfactory inspection a technical inspection is carried out to determine the levels of pollutants.

The much discussed G-spot

It is often talked about but many people still do not know what it is, where it is and how to stimulate it properly. We have items for a woman’s G-spot and a man’s G-spot.

The best sex toys reviewed


the best vibrators reviewed

In addition to the usual measurement of pollutant levels, vibrator tests check other aspects too. Anatomy, design and handling are the main test areas. Since vibrators are powered by engines, noise levels are also measured. After all, what is the point of a beautiful toy if it sounds like a power drill? The battery supply is also put under the microscope – powerful vibrations are good but are of little use if your partner’s hand goes numb after a few minutes because of the weight of the required battery pack.

Best Vibrators reviewed


Here again a specific focus of testing is anatomy and ergonomics. A body-contoured design and shape are of course essential. Sex toys are also allowed to look attractive, which is why the design plays a part in the overall assessment.

Best Dildos reviewed


This is of course an area for chemists. It goes without saying that lubricants must be hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. They must also not interfere with other “aspects of the game”. The focus here is primarily on compatibility with condoms. But lubricants are also evaluated for texture, smell and sometimes taste.

Best Lubricants reviewed

Penis rings

This is quite literally a question of: Are you holding what you are promising? This is not so much about a fancy design but more about workmanship, usability and fit. The build quality is the decisive factor when it comes to a man’s “best part”, usability is important if during lovemaking you don’t want to suddenly be confronted with a complex “installation” that would totally kill the moment. Finally the fit of a penis ring is crucial in determining whether it leads to a pleasure sensation for the partner or merely develops into an irritating “add-on”.

Best Penis rings reviewed

Penis pumps

Here too the design is of secondary importance. The main focus is again on product safety, although functionality and pleasure are of course also important. The product components must be an exact fit, and the device to generate the suction must work correctly. In this case, too little is just as bad as too much. If the suction device is too weak the penis pump does not do what it is supposed to do; if it is too strong it can cause injury. Testers give bonus points to candidates with intelligent features like pressure regulators or quick release valves.

Best Penis pumps reviewed

Love balls

With love balls the design and build quality are of course very important. Top priority, however, are safety and the quality of the materials used. Why? Simply because in most cases the love balls are inserted quite deep and if the materials used are of poor quality or unsafe then they could case infection or inflammation. That is why it is especially important that love balls are tested and that you only choose the very best for your body. It will thank you for it!

Love balls tested


The Fleshlight masturbator is probably one of the most famous in the world. It not only looks uncannily like a real vagina but also feels incredibly good. A special product line is Fleshlight Girls, which includes, for example, the Riley Steele Fleshlight.

Best Fleshlights reviewed

… more coming soon!


A sex toy test makes it unequivocally clear to consumers which products are actually suitable for increasing pleasure and creating enjoyment for both partners. And which ones they should steer clear of. Separating the wheat from the chaff is the goal of any test. Before making a purchase, every erotic toy fan should convince themselves they are making a sound investment in their pleasure. Sex toy tests are an ideal opportunity to obtain comprehensive and above all independent information!matched betting calculator

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